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Web-Analytics 💻📈

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Data is basic to business achievement. You must have the information on what’s going on in your business today, you can’t know whether you are on target to accomplish your objectives or not.

Organizations, whether they are big or small, invest a great deal of energy and cash on getting information identified with their business, orders, stock, use, and significantly more. This information is basic to see where the business is going. Regardless of whether a business is completely on the web or has an online nearness that drives its disconnected traffic, information and investigation are basic here too.

Web Analytics

For many organizations, Google Analytics (GA) is the first examination tool that rings a bell. It’s quite easy to integrate, free (to a limited extent), and accompanies bunches of companion support from a tremendous client base. Google Analytics is the most well-known site investigation tool. A great many engineers and designers go to it to gather and analyse their site measurements. There are multiple reasons why Google Analytics is the top choice:

  • Real-time reports are generated
  • Easy to integrate
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Less coding skills required
  • Custom reports according to segments
  • Great visualisations for the reports
  • Automatically collects the data from users
  • Campaign wise segregation for wise investments
  • Location-based reports for detailed analysis

Utilizing Google Analytics nowadays accompanies a few entanglements, including the requirement for a protection arrangement, the requirement for treat pennants, and the requirement for a GDPR assent brief. All these may adversely affect the site stacking time and guest experience. Numerous organizations of all sizes use Google Analytics. In any case, if you need to keep control of your information, you need an apparatus that you can control. You won’t get that from Google Analytics. Fortunately, Google Analytics isn’t the only game on the web. There are a few Open Source choices for this as well.

But on the other hand, Open Source analytics tools have their benefits as compared with Google Analytics

  • Provides Flexibility to the admin
  • Cost-effective
  • Retention time only measured if users visit another webpage
  • Analysis data is not accurate to the minute as with comparable services
  • Evaluation of social networks and mobile traffic is not optimal
  • Various browser plugins block Google Analytics
  • Improves data security and privacy

You should switch when you wish to enhance your Analytics experience.

Best alternatives

Open Web Analytics (OWA)

Open Web Analytics is the free and open-source web analytics framework that lets you stay in control of how your instrument and analyze the use of your websites and application.


  • It’s free
  • First Party Control (run under your domain)
  • Generates heat-map
  • No limit to data


  • No real-time data monitoring
  • Mobile tracking is not available

Try it


A web and mobile analytics tool, Mixpanel allows a lot of flexibility in reporting and there are some things that Mixpanel does which are also present in Google Analytics but which Mixpanel makes very simple. Something like retroactive funnel analysis — with GA you have to build the funnel forward compulsorily. With Mixpanel you can do it later.


  • Trusted by some of the best companies
  • Trend analysis
  • Customer Support is available
  • Full control over your data (data not used for advertising purpose)


  • Pricing may seem to be higher
  • Less customisable payment plans

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Matomo (Piwik)

Yet another on-premise, open-source software that provides great reports and enough data to help you understand exactly how your online presence is doing. Matomo is a great Alternatives to Google Analytics and according to their website has been downloaded more than 3,000,000 times.


  • Choose where the data is stored (you can host it on own server)
  • Fully customisable
  • Raw data is also accessible (easy to process in own algorithms)
  • Unlimited storage option available
  • A free version is also available


  • Set up may be quite complicated
  • Pro version will surely burn your wallet (privacy costs much more than we expect)

Try it

If you think you’re visitors count is not accurate then you can try switching to some free alternatives (most of them can be used simultaneously with Google Analytics). This will help your site to get tracked on most of the web browsers (as some open-source web browsers blocks cookies which prevent Google Analytics from tracking the information).

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