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Smart Helmet

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‘Global status report on road safety 2018’ by WHO says, “Head injuries are the leading cause of death and major trauma for two- and three-wheeled motor vehicle users. Correct helmet use can lead to a 42% reduction in the risk of fatal injuries and a 69% reduction in the risk of head injuries. The use of helmets is, as such, an increasingly important means of preventing road traffic deaths. Best practice for motorcycle helmet laws includes a requirement for drivers and passengers to wear a helmet on all roads, a specification that helmets should be fastened, and a reference to a helmet standard.”

Though there are laws of Helmet use, riders are not wearing the helmet while driving the motorcycle and people lose their lives in accidents.

  • Can I save the lives of these victims?
  • Is any solution to this misbehave of riders?
  • Can I innovate any device, which will make the rider wear the helmet compulsory?


By considering these conditions, I tried to find the solution to this situation. And I innovated SMART HELMET. When a rider will wear this SMART HELMET and fix the chin strap, then only his bike will START. If he tries to remove the helmet while riding , the bike will STOP. Also if the rider is drunk, the bike will not START. By this way I can save his life in case of any mishap.

This have following features:

  • Simple Design
  • Low Cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Alcohol Sensor
  • Compatible with any 2 wheeler design
  • works for both kik start and button start
  • No side effects on human body

I participated in many Science Exhibitions with this Innovation and was appreciated by many.

Participated in Nashik Taluka Science Exhibition selected for District Science Exhibition (5 Jan, 2013) (Prize: First)

helmet Taluka

helmet maharashtra times

Participated in Nashik District Science Exhibition selected for Maharashtra State Science Exhibition (19 Jan, 2013) (Prize: First)

helmet Certificate District

helmet Media Lokmat Times

helmet Photo District

helmet Taluka District Photo

Participated Maharashtra State Science Exhibition, Nagpur and Selected for National science exhibition (10 Feb, 2013) (Prize: Third) helmet Certificate State

helmet Media Sakal Western

helmet Photo State

Participated in National Science Exhibition, Gangtok, Sikkim and selected for Indian Science Congress, Jammu Helmet Divya Marathi National

Helmet sakal national selection

helmet sakal national selection

helmet national certificate

helmet Innaugaration National Photo

helmet with dignitries

Participated in Indian Science Congress, Jammu

helmet ISC

helmet with army

helmet with army

helmet DST Secretary

helmet ISC photo

helmet ISC certificate

Most important achievement in my journey happened at Indian Science Congress, Jammu. Hon Ex President of India A P J Abdul Kalam mentioned my innovation in his opening speech. He mentioned that, ‘Innovate for Society like Amey’.

helmet abdul kalam

Blessings from Prof. Yashpal, Scientist

helmet Yash Pal

Selected for IRIS, Ahmedabad

Highlights of IRIS

Certificate IRIS

IRIS Gallery

demo to Education Minister of Gujrat

IRIS Gallery


Participated in Google Science Fair 2015

gsf certificate

Participated and won First Prize Rs. 51,000/- at Prerana Science exhibition, Nashik (23 Nov, 2014)

helmet Lokmat Times

helmet prerana

Participated in Lokmat Science Pandit Fair

helmet science pundit

Participated in National Science Exhibition ‘ Jigyasa’, Hubali helmet jigyasa

Selected for Western India Science Fair at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai.

helmet certificate western

helmet HT western

helmet sakal western

helmet sakal western

Felicitated by Zilla Parishad, Nashik helmet Felicitation from Zilla Parishad Nashik

Felicitated by RTO, Nashik Regional Transport Officer helmet RTO

Felicitated by Divisional Commissioner, Nashik helmet Divisional Commissioner

Explained the Innovation to Hon Education Minister of Maharashtra, Vinod Tawde helmet Education Minister

Explained the Innovation to Hon Commissioner of Police, Nashik,Kulwantkumar Sarangal Helmet Commisoner Police

I have filed the Indian Patent for this innovation!

About Author

Hello! I'm Amey, a social innovator based in Pune, India who enjoys building things that impact the community. I develop exceptional products and deploy those in the community around.!