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Automated Diwali Greeting sender through WA Web

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Why use old school broadcast lists to send Diwali Message to your loved ones? Sending Personalised messages to all of your contacts leave an impact on the receiver. He/She thinks you considered them important to personally type in the message and not forward just like others. Here is your chance to Automatically send Personalised messages :)

You can visit this repository and follow the steps.

Personalised messages


Just follow simple steps:

Step 1: Gather Contacts

Open Google Contacts webpage and export your contacts. Ensure to keep this csv as “google.csv” and keep it in the same folder.

Google Contacts

Step 2 : Install Libraries

Selenium : pip install selenium

Pandas : pip install pandas

Step 3 : Install Chrome Driver

Install the latest version of [Chrome Driver](

Set up the path of Chrome Driver in line 8 of

Chrome Driver

Step 4: Running the code


This will start execution of filter contacts.

To add a contact to your list Enter the Personalised name with which you want to send the message To ignore the contact, press enter To use the given name, the one after -, press f and enter To break through the list, Press f and enter.

Github Repo

You are done. Now greet everyone with personalised texts this festive season.

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