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Want to use this template?

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Yes, you can fork this repo. Please give proper credit by linking back to creator. Thanks!

I have made some modifications and had done some customisation in this repo. You can always get the basic template on GitHub!

🛠 Installation & Set Up

  1. Install the Gatsby CLI

    npm install -g gatsby-cli
  2. Install and use the correct version of Node using NVM

    nvm install
  3. Install dependencies

  4. Start the development server

    npm start

🚀 Building and Running for Production

  1. Generate a full static production build

    npm run build
  2. Preview the site as it will appear once deployed

    npm run serve

About Author

Hello! I'm Amey, a social innovator based in Pune, India who enjoys building things that impact the community. I develop exceptional products and deploy those in the community around.!