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Fire Fighter Robot

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The 2011 AMRI Hospital fire was a major fire at a private hospital in Dhakuria, Calcutta, that occurred in the early morning of 9 December 2011. Firhad Hakim, West Bengal State’s minister of urban development, arrived at the scene at 5 a.m. to find dozens of firefighters standing around, unable to get inside. “The smoke was so thick and black that it was not possible to enter into the hospital,” Mr. Hakim said. Six board members of the AMRI hospital in Kolkata have been arrested for culpable homicide after this morning's fire in which 89 people - 85 patients and four staff members - died. In this case due to heavy smoke, visibility becomes very low and people die due to suffocation.


By considering this mishap, I tried to find the solution in such cases where firemen can’t enter in the fire affected area. I made the working prototype of a Fire Fighter Robot.

This have following features:

  • Fireproof body
  • Camera to find the persons and exact place of fire
  • CO2 and water jet
  • Smoke detector
  • Moves in three axes
  • Siren
  • Remote Control
  • Water Sprinkler to cool the area etc.

This prototype is tested and certified by the Fire Brigade Department, Nashik. I participated in various Science Exhibitions with this Fire Fighter robot and was appreciated by many. These Science Exhibitions are arranged by NCERT and Govt of Maharashtra.

Participated and won First prize in Nashik Taluka Science Exhibition 15 Dec, 2011

Nashik Taluka Science Exhibition

Participated and won First prize in Nashik District Science Exhibition 12 Jan, 2012

ffr Nashik District Science Exhibition

Participated in Maharashtra State Science Exhibition Jan, 2012

ffr Maharashtra State Science Exhibition

News in Mid Day

ffr Mid Day

News in Maharashtra Times

ffr Maharashtra Times

News in Maharashtra Times

ffr Maharashtra Times

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ffr Divya Marathi

News in Divya Marathi

ffr Divya Marathi

Govt. Fire Brigade Test Report

ffr govt testing

Fire Engineering institute Test Report

ffr Engineering testing

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